About Me

Who am I?

My name is Jannik, I am 25 years old and already have a few startups behind me. Startup company, with the most recent ones being my current venture, a private cloud focused IT Service Provider called StartSwitch in Bremen, Germany and a clean tech startup called YourEnergy I co-founded in London UK where I lived for four years.

And what will you gain from reading this blog?

In this blog, you can read about anything on my mind, which means I will share stories about starting and running a company, Open Source, Apple and other IT subjects, photography and videography and of course cycling, which should be about all of my hobbies.

So, if you care for tech, cycling, digital arts or interesting stories from the life of an entrepreneur, feel free to come back and connect with me via FacebookGoogle PlusTwitterLinkedIn and Youtube, or, of course, just drop me an e-mail through the contact form.