One Week Without Cash in Germany

I decided to conduct another experiment – what might not be very special or very hard in the UK to do, is actually tied to some sacrifices in Germany – I want to live cashless for 7 days.

For a full 7 days I will carry no change, no bank notes. Just my iPhone with Apple Pay and my physical N26 Metal Mastercard.

In practice this  means that I’ll need to ensure card payments are possible (and Mastercard is excepted, which also isn’t a given in Germany), but what I aim to archive, is an assessment of the progress Germany may or may not have and to understand how far behind it really is.

Today marks the first day of the challenge, but next week Monday I’ll reply back with an update about how it went, so watch this space.

Small Bonus: If you use my N26 referral link in this article to setup an account with them, you’ll get a 10€ welcome bonus.

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