Britain, I still love you!

I may have moved away from London during July 2017, calling Bremen (Germany) my new home since September 2017, but I have to confess that I still love you, Britain!

No matter what, I will always love the grandness and impossibly sleek and sophisticated streets of London, the bravery of Londoners to put up with real estate prices in my favourite city and their openness towards each other. No matter who you are, in London you are never judged to be yourself and you are never alone.

I will never stop wanting to cross the idyllic and awe-striking landscapes across the United Kingdom, never get bored to admire foxes, deer and rabbits striving across green meadows and through green and lush forests or the yellow-ish wides of the Scottish highlands.

Brexit may be just a few weeks ahead; It may become difficult to travel between Britain and the rest of the world, but in the depth of my heart I know that this is the place where I really want to be.

No amount of German precision will ever offset the sophistication of an English gentleman, dressed in a perfectly fitting, tailored suit.

Berlin will never be London.

From the shores of Cornwall to the cliffs up in Scotland, from shore to shore, Ireland to England;

I love you Britain! No stupid decision you ever made will not make me want you!

And London, to you specifically: No place will ever be home like you are!

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