A Book Per Month – Why I Cancelled Netflix To Have More Time For Reading

Not that long ago, I was inspired to commit to a move, that saw me cancelling my Netflix account. In fact, I realised that I was spending way too little time reading and also wasting too much time with Netflix.

I was wondering what actual value Netflix was giving me, and I realised, that only rarely did I watch things that I thought are truly great, this included Stranger Things; But most of the things I was watching to give myself some relaxation time, actually did, on closer analysis, bring less value to me as reading a good book does. Sure, with the very low cost of a Netflix subscription this didn’t have to be ein either/or scenario, but I decided it was time to give this a try and not have a Netflix subscription, until something truly inspiring and/or artistically amazing comes out that would actually make me regret not watching it. And with a full cancellation this would also take away the temptation.

So, I devised another plan instead: I will purchase one book each month, and set myself the goal to read it until the next book will arrive. Should I finish faster, I will order an intermediary book to read.

There is no real pattern by which I will choose the books, it will mostly be driven by whatever I feel like when it is time for the next one.

The First One

The book for February just arrived today, Silence: In the Age of Noise by Norwegian Author Erling Kagge. It came to my attention by means of an extract that was printed in last weekend’s FT Weekend, in the ‘Life and Arts’ section, and I felt it would be a very interesting book to read, blending reflection with philosophy in an interesting way, at least in my very first contact with it. So, this is the one I ordered first, purely from a feeling and a short extract, yet I actually was more hyped about the little parcel taking it to my doorstep than I was for a new episode of Game of Thrones this summer… and this leads me to believe, I made the right decision.


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