The Future of Cars Is Electric



I have long been a firm believer in the statement entitling this post. I carry a deep love for the Tesla Model S and can’t really imagine owing any other car.

I remember the first time I took a seat behind the wheel of a Model S and felt right at home. It had a flair to it that no one can currently match.

And for now it remains the most attractive automotive offering available. The current 90D has a range beyond 500km on a single charge, can be easily recharged at Tesla’s Supercharger network and it still catches me out how well thought through it is.

Now Porsche is hiring 1000 people to work on its Model S competitor, the Mission-E’s production version. I also have to admit being a little bit of a Porsche fan, though the chance of me ever buying one of their cars with an internal combustion engine are slim.

However, would I buy their Mission-E or its younger production sibling once available? Looking at the Porsche micro site  about the Mission-E the specs look very tempting. Over 600hp and over 500km range match the Tesla.

It uses many of Tesla’s genius solutions such as the low mounted battery pack in the floor hat helps delivering perfect driving dynamics. But it also claims a few design goals which fix some of the Model S’ flaws, such as the ability to handle continuous acceleration and deceleration cycles. The Tesla reduces performance at some stage to protect from overheating (though that doesn’t really happen in normal driving, we are talking 0km/h to 200 to 50 to 200 and so on).

I think the Model S also looks a little better from the front, but prefer the Mission-E’s rear. Looks are always a personal taste issue, and we have to wait for the final car which more likely than not will have a toned down design.

But Porsches efforts prove that I am right and EVs are taking over.

In the 2020s we will have mainstream electric cars as well as improved high end models from Tesla and new ones from Apple, Porsche, Audi and probably a few more. We will see how Telsa will continue to innovate and lead the EV industry. Porsche might catch up or follow closely. It is an exciting time, finally ridding of Oil, but also opening new challenges. While affordable electric car models are coming, the all new challenge is called fast renewable expansion.

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